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Hear what our students are saying:

“This course was great to take because it was at my own pace. I had taken this once before in a two day class but was not successful. This by far was less stressful and more flexible.”

- E. Thomas, Sr., Connecticut


“ I found this useful even though I have a good understanding of swimming pools and water. There is a lot to cover in this course if you are starting from scratch.  Well worth taking the course!!”

- C. Curry, Cyprus


“I have taken care of swimming pools for over 20 years. I have completed the CPO course two times. I must say I learn things in your course that I did not know. It has proven very beneficial to me! Thank you!”

- G. Dunmyer, Florida


“I found this course easy to follow. It was so nice to work on this course whenever I had the time at my own pace!!”

- J. Whitehead, Georgia



“This course was great and I learned a lot from it!” Iowa S. McConnell – “Learning rules and regulations I had no idea where to find all of the information provided. Thank you!”

-  L. Ackerman, Hawaii



“This was a very good class, thank you!”

-  J. Delaney, Idaho



“With ATI’s help and the CPT certification, I hope I get this job!”

-  H. O’kane, Oregon



“With the CPT certification I was able to get a new position as a pool tech.”

-  T. Hammond, Pennsylvania


“The CPT course reinforced the importance of planning and proper management; it also made me aware of areas that I need to work on with regards to day to day maintenance duties.”

-  J. Hazelwood, Rhode Island


“The CPT course prepared me to take the CPO exam for South Carolina so I could maintain the work pool.”

- J. Swygert, South Carolina


“Very good course, I will definitely recommend the course to my associates and peers.”

-  K. Hembree, Indiana


“I was able to work on the course at night without having to take time away from my business. What a benefit and so much knowledge.”

-  D. Durgin, Kentucky


“With your course I will be able to advance in my job.”

-  A. Cruz, Massachusetts


“Having the CPT Certificate enhances my abilities and credibility as a business owner.”

-  T. Grant, Louisiana


“The CPT course help me learn more about chemicals and pool safety.”

-  K. Johnson, South Dakota


“There are many parts of this course I will be using.  I have learned so much!”

- Tennessee


“Now that I have taken the CPT course I have a better understanding of WHY certain things happen and what to do to correct them.”

- Texas


“I have enjoyed the very detailed information provided in the CPT course.  I just started my pool service company but as I grow I will have my employees take this course.”

- J. Sargent, Utah


“The CPT course showed me proper calculations for pool balance and many tips I will use on a day to day basis.

- E. Monroe, Wyoming


“ I enjoyed the course and learned a lot that I did not already know. I liked that the course could be done when it was convenient for me!”

-  D. Kersjes, Alabama


“I thought your class was very challenging and informative. One of the BEST online courses I have taken to date, thank you!”

- Leos, Arkansas

“The CPT course was very beneficial to me for its flexibility. With my current job schedule it was impossible to go a classroom setting for two days of the week.  This method is an excellent option for me, it fits my schedule not the other way around.  Thank you ATI.”

- B. Dahlgren Minnesota



“I never thought in a million years that I could pass the CPT course. But, thanks to the ATI training course, I passed.  Thank you!” 

- J. Sullivan, Mississippi



“ The CPT is a great course that is offered completely online. I am recertifying and this course was convenient and similar in scope to the CPO course but offered completely online.”

- J. Duncan, North Carolina



“Our HOA does not have to spend a fortune every month on pool maintenance because as HOA President I can now perform this tasks myself.”

- S. Shepard, Montana



“Awesome course!  I learned so much to help me with my job!”

- C. Vocke, Nevada



“The CPT course taught me more in depth and thorough chemical knowledge.”

-  S. Smith, New Hampshire


“With the CPT course, I can care for my clients pools more efficiently.”

-  D. Williams, New Jersey


“The CPT course helped me learn more about operating and maintaining the pool equipment more effectively.”

-  C. Rinella, Ohio


“I learned everything I need to know to do a good job.”

- A. Foster, Illinois


“Learning rules and regulations – I had no idea where to find all the information you provided. Thank you!”

-  S. McConnell, Iowa


“ This was a very good class and easy to follow.”

-  D. Jones, Idaho


“I found this to be a very thorough course with strong practical application information and reference tools.”

-  J. Ramondett, Kansas


“The CPT course was very informative and very helpful with step by step training. Thank you!”

-  E. Kreamer, Maine


“The CPT course was quite detailed and easy to follow. Furthermore, it made me do a few things that I have not done in over thirty-some years and that is read, study and take tests. The course is quite comprehensive and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asks.”

- Missouri


“ I enjoyed the CPT course.  The course had great information. I took the CPO course almost 20 years ago and I learned several new things with this course."

-  F. Fowler, Michigan


“Now that I have taken the CPT course, I can be a more effective manager of my employees.  Additionally, the course has shown me modifications that need to be made to our pump room as well as signage and safety changes.”

- K. Snow, Virginia


“With the CPT course I have increased knowledge of chemical properties interactions.”

-  M. Young, Washington


“I like the fact that I can learn at my own speed!”

-  T. Saugstad, Wisconsin


“The CPT course was great!  I had not issues but came away with more knowledge than when I started.”

-  R. Light, West Virginia


“I learned so much that I need to change. The Calculations and Water Chemistry were so helpful!”

-  R. Bowling, Arizona


“I appreciated how easy it was to refresh my knowledge of pool/spa maintenance using your program. Also, your study material make a great resource for daily use!”

-  J. Joyner, California

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