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Authentication: They authenticate the test takers identity using a multi-factor process


Lastly, the proctor will need to know that you are the rightful test taker and will ask you to show a photo ID and snap a photo of you for your profile. After that, the proctor will then ask you a few questions (generated from a public information database) about yourself.



Through this process, the proctor’s can see the test taker, see what they are doing, and know who they are monitoring. They do this while adhering to the highest accreditation standards in the industry.


To learn more, click the link below for a short tutorial.


“I was able to work on the course at night without having to take time away from my business. What a benefit and so much knowledge.”

-  D. Durgin, Kentucky

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Proctor U is a live proctoring service for test takers taking exams online.  The proctors use a 3-step process to replicate the face-to-face proctoring experience over the Internet.

Connect to a Proctor: They connect with the test taker via webcam


The first step of the process is connecting with a live proctor from one of our two online proctoring centers from your web camera. The proctor will provide assistance through the exam process and is available throughout the exam to help with techinical difficulties that may arise.

Connect Your Screen: They monitor the test takers' computer screen in real time


Next, you wil connect your screen to the proctor. This lets the proctor see your computer screen and allows the proctor to assist with step three so you may begin your exam.

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